Carbon monoxide detection

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that is difficult to detect because its major properties are colorless and odorless. It’s a silent killer because people can’t see, taste or even smell the lethal gas. Sadly, carbon monoxide usually kills its victims before they are aware of its presence. All humans and animals are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. However, experts believe that individuals who are at a greater risk are unborn babies, infants, children, senior citizens and with compromised coronary or respiratory systems. Therefore, it’s important for Emergency Room personnel to have reliable carbon monoxide detection devices ready for use in the ER.

Breathe E-Z System’s CO Sleuth carbon monoxide detection device, is an important ER tool for the diagnosis of smoke inhalation, CO from faulty furnaces, or any other type of environmental carbon monoxide poisoning. The CO Sleuth carbon monoxide detection device offers a very efficient test for measuring critical carbon monoxide levels within a victim. Designed with a single switch operation and automatic zero calibration, Breath E-Z Systems’ The CO Sleuth provides the ER physician an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning within seconds.

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