Carbon monoxide gas analyzer

Prudent ER management respects the critical need to have a working supply of quality carbon monoxide gas analyzers readily available for their ER staff. Bottom line, CO blood level testing with Breathe E-Z’s superior carbon monoxide gas analyzer can literally save lives. Breathe E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth, a smart and efficient carbon monoxide gas analyzer, is also reliable and affordable. Breathe E-Z Systems’ continues to develop flexible, cost effective programs, geared to meet budgetary requirements of hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

Because carbon monoxide is difficult to detect, quite often carbon monoxide victims are incoherent and cannot communicate with the ER staff. Typically, lethal amounts of carbon monoxide most likely accumulated due to poor installation, poor maintenance or failure of an appliance in service and the victim has no sense of what happened to them. Breathe E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth can be administered to an unconscious victim as long as a good breath sample has been obtained. Within seconds, the CO Sleuth carbon monoxide gas analyzer will reveal if the unconscious victim is at high-risk of CO poisoning.

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