Carbon monoxide gas monitor

Breathe E-Z’s CO Sleuth’s carbon monoxide gas monitor has a proven record as a successful smoking cessation tool for testing in smoking cessation clinics. The CO Sleuth, a carbon monoxide gas monitor, is a fast, non-invasive way to measure carbon monoxide poisoning within a patient.

Few smokers fully realize carbon monoxide is inhaled when they smoke a cigarette. It’s also a mystery to most smokers of the actual physical affects smoking has on the lungs. When a person inhales a cigarette, carbon monoxide passes from the lungs into the hemoglobin of the red blood cells. Carbon monoxide then attaches itself to the hemoglobin at the same site as oxygen and forms carboxyhemoglobin. This carboxyhemoglobin now literally runs interference with the oxygen transport and gas exchange within the red blood cells. The end result is that the smoker’s body becomes oxygen-starved, which can result in tissue damage and death. Over time, carbon monoxide builds up in the lungs and can cause serious diseases such as cancer, emphysema, and death. From a simple exhale of breath from the patient, the CO Sleuth’s carbon monoxide gas monitor will present the same results as a carboxhemoglobin blood test within seconds.

Contact Breathe E-Z Systems, Inc. to purchase your CO Sleuth’s carbon monoxide gas monitor today. It’s time to increase your clinic’s success rate and help your patients cease smoking for their good health and well-being.