Carbon monoxide meter

Breathe E-Z Systems’ EMT Sleuth is one the best carbon monoxide meters on the market today specifically made for emergency personnel. Firemen, for example, are at the highest risk of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning, not only battle raging fires, but they must also fight the silent killer: carbon monoxide.

Having state-of-the-art carbon monoxide meters on-site is a critical component of a fireman’s regimen—especially after finishing a firefight. With just a few deep breaths of fire-fighting smoke, a fireman becomes at risk with dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide now in their system. These high levels of carbon monoxide can produce hypoxic stress on the cardio vascular system.

The EMT Sleuth is a small carbon monoxide meter that can prevent or mitigate early signs of EMT carbon monoxide poisoning. The test is non-evasive, can be self-administered and produces precise results at the site of the fire. A simple breath into the mouthpiece of the carbon monoxide meter produces an accurate measurement of carbon monoxide in the blood system, in less than a few minutes.

Contact Breathe E-Z Systems today to find out why the EMT Sleuth, an affordable and reliable carbon monoxide meter, is your best defense against CO poisoning amongst your staff of fireman.