Carbon monoxide monitoring

As the main decision-maker of a smoking cessation clinic, it’s important to provide your clinicians the right tools to ensure patient success within your cessation program. Breathe E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth, a carbon monoxide monitoring device, helps your clinician analyze carbon monoxide in exhaled breath from a patient. It’s fast, easy and very effective.

The CO Sleuth’s carbon monoxide monitoring device not only measures the amount of carbon dioxide in the patient’s blood but it gives the patient a visual display of the amount of carbon monoxide poisoning that is in their body. This visual helps the patient create a present baseline and a future reduction goal. By tracking the patient’s progress and graphing the results, the CO Sleuth and captured data become a critical tool in helping the patient successfully cease smoking.

Breathe E-Z Systems has a professional staff ready to help your smoking cessation clinic incorporate the CO Sleuth’s carbon monoxide monitoring device as a new and innovative tool for your program. Contact us today and let us introduce you to one of the most cost effective smoking cessation tools available to the clinician on the market.