Carbon monoxide sensors

Hundreds of people lose their lives each year, and thousands more require extensive medical treatment, because of carbon monoxide poisoning. With Breath E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth and its superior carbon monoxide sensors, Emergency Room staff now has a precision tool to help determine CO poisoning with their patients in seconds. The CO Sleuth can be categorized as a technological breakthrough with its highly calibrated carbon monoxide sensors which measure CO poisoning in 100 parts per million within 15 seconds.

If a physician suspects the patient is suffering from CO poisoning, a simple blood test (called a carboxyhemoglobin test) is performed to determine the level of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream. However, it may take hours before lab results are returned. Time is critical when dealing with CO poisoning. The Co Sleuth and its state-of-the-art carbon monoxide sensors will give the same results as a carboxyhemoglobin blood test from a single exhale of breath from the patient without having to wait for lab results.

Contact us us today and let Breath E-Z Systems, Inc help you create a more efficient environment for your ER. Our outstanding CO Sleuth and its highly-functional carbon monoxide sensors will provide critical information in seconds to better assess patients at risk for CO poisoning.