Carbon monoxide test

Is it time to take a good look at your present ER processes and evaluate performance efficiencies on the assessment and treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning? Are you in search of a simple and efficient carbon monoxide test?

Breathe E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth provides an immediate and non-invasive carbon monoxide test from a single exhale of breath from the patient. The carbon monoxide test will provide the same results as a carboxyhemogloblin blood test. The readings are provided within seconds and can save precious time because there’s no need to wait for lab results.

Time is critical when it comes to determining carbon monoxide poisoning which inhibits the transport of oxygen to the major organs of the body. Typically, the heart, central nervous system and brain are the most at risk. Each minute that passes without an accurate determination of CO poisoning is critical and can result in severe, irreversible physical damage to the patient. The CO sleuth is the perfect solution providing the best carbon monoxide test for your ER staff.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to determine our CO Sleuth solutions for your ER. We can help your staff identify CO poisoning with our superior carbon monoxide test that instantly provides an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning.