Co monitor 

The CO Sleuth CO monitor is not only used in smoking cessation clinics for smoking intervention testing but is also used in the Emergency Room as a carbon monoxide breath test for carbon monoxide poisoning.  When a patient is admitted to the Emergency Room in a dazed, incoherent, or unconscious state, a CO monitor, such as a CO Sleuth, should be used to perform an immediate non invasive carbon monoxide test.  The carbon monoxide breath test will give the same results as a carboxyhemoglobin blood test.  This CO monitor will give immediate results of carbon monoxide poisoning from a single exhale of breath from the patient without having to wait for lab results.

A carbon monoxide test is an essential component of an Emergency Department to test for carbon monoxide poisoning.  The CO Sleuth, a CO monoxide monitor, is an important device in the diagnosis of smoke inhalation, faulty furnaces, or any other type of environmental carbon monoxide poisoning.  The CO Sleuth CO monitor is a simple screening for carbon monoxide testing.  With its single switch operation and automatic zero calibration, this carbon monoxide monitor will instantly provide the ER physician with an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The CO Sleuth carbon monoxide test is reimbursable under several CPT codes.  The CO Sleuth, a non-invasive carbon monoxide breath test, has a one year guarantee on parts and labor and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer and comes with an easy to use operations manual.