Co poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless poisonous gas. Occupations at the greatest risk for CO poisoning are firefighters, welders and garage mechanics. A carbon monoxide test is a critical component for all firemen during and after a fire in order to detect early onset of CO poisoning.

Breathe E-Z System’s CO Sleuth is one of the best tools in the market today to detect and measure environmental CO poisoning. With just a few deep breaths, the non-evasive CO Sleuth will instantly provide an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning. The CO Sleuth is easy to use with its single switch operation and automatic calibration. Firefighters could perform this test on themselves even in the most critical situations.

Breathe E-Z System’s is one of the leading providers of the CO Sleuth. The CO Sleuth is one of the best CO poisoning detectors in the marketplace and provides a practical and accurate method for firefighters to determine CO poisoning. This simple test also meets compliance standards with regulations governing occupational exposure to carbon monoxide.