emt co poison

Carbon monoxide testing is a critical component of firemen’s regimen especially after finishing a firefight. Breathe E-Z System’s CO Sleuth is one of the best instruments to use for measuring levels of EMT carbon monoxide poison. Firefighters are one of the occupational groups at the greatest risk of exposure to carbon monoxide and CO poison. Overtime, even small levels of carbon monoxide can build up and cause brain and heart damage.

Studies have shown that just a few deep breaths of smoke can contain dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide that can produce severe hypoxic stress on the cardio vascular system. This CO-induced hypoxia is intensified with high-levels of peak physical activity when a fireman is fighting even a small fire. It’s easy to see that a fireman is a typical candidate for EMT carbon monoxide poison. Therefore, it is imperative that firehouses create an awareness of this hazard and implement ongoing strategies to prevent EMT carbon monoxide poisoning.

The CO Sleuth is a great device to prevent or mitigate early signs of EMT carbon monoxide poison. This test is non-evasive and can be self-administered with precise results at the site of the fire. By simply breathing into the mouthpiece, the CO Sleuth displays an accurate measurement of carboxyhemoglobin, in less than a few minutes. With oxygen on hand, the firefighter can quickly reverse the dangerous affects of the onset of CO poisoning.

Breathe E-Z System’s is your best source for detecting EMT CO poison with the CO Sleuth.