lactose intolerance test

A lactose intolerance test is typically ordered by a physician if he suspects the patient's ongoing symptoms of flatulence, bloating, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Physicians using Breathe E-Z Systems’ HBT Sleuth's lactose intolerance test within the privacy of their clinic and obtain results within minutes.

A lactose intolerance test measures the amount of hydrogen within a patient’s breath sample. Healthy individuals have very little hydrogen in their breath. However, patients with lactose intolerance have a high level of hydrogen in their breath. This surplus of hydrogen is created by undigested lactose in the colon, which ferments and produces various unhealthy gases, including hydrogen. Adverse affects from the build-up of these gases can range from bloating to stomach cramps and nausea.

Contact Breathe E-Z Systems to set up an appointment for a demonstration of our HBT Sleuth’s lactose intolerance test. Our HBT Sleuth is a powerful machine that measures hydrogen levels in expired breath in accurate ppm (parts per million). The HBT Sleuth is affordable, easy to use and provides an added in-office lactose intolerance test for the convenience of your patients.