lactose intolerance

Breathe E-Z Systems’ HBT Sleuth hydrogen monitor is used by physicians to determine if a patient has a medical condition called lactose intolerance. With its state-of-the-art technology, sleek design and small footprint for easy countertop storage, the HBT Sleuth hydrogen monitor successfully performs a lactose intolerance breath test within five minutes of receiving a breath sample from the patient.

The HBT Sleuth measures the amount of hydrogen within a patient’s breath sample. Typically, a healthy person has very little hydrogen gas detected in a breath sample. However, lactose intolerance is detected by abnormal amounts of hydrogen in a breath sample. Undigested lactose accumulates in the large intestines, ferments and then produces various gases, including an abnormal amount of hydrogen. These gases create discomfort, bloating and sometimes severe stomach cramps.

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