smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Breathe E-Z Systems’ CO Sleuth is one of the most innovative and effective smoke and carbon monoxide detectors presently used in smoking intervention clinics. Smoking cessation programs that use the CO Sleuth’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector for patient testing have reported excellent results.

The CO Sleuth produces a visual graphic display that helps the patient put a concrete measurement on the detrimental CO levels in their blood. Typically, a smoker's CO level in their blood may fluctuate depending on the time of day and the number of cigarettes, cigars or pipes smoked. Another variable to consider is how the smoke is inhaled. Some smokers are more aggressive with their inhaling than others and this has an impact on the CO levels in the blood. As the patient progresses in the program, the CO Sleuth’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector shows the reduction of carbon monoxide poisoning in the lungs as the patient successfully smokes less and less within a given day or target goal timeframe.

Contact us today us today and discover how our amazing CO Sleuth can help your smoking cessation program increase its success rate exponentially. In the end, you’ll be making a difference in the health and lifestyles of your patients.